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More on Consonants/Vowels in the Recipes

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Here are some results from the Recipes folios for the verbose homophonic cipher idea proposed earlier.

Using the Recipes Folios, we find
1085 lines of VMs words
3150 different words on those lines

Looking for word sequences within a line that fit the pattern XYYZ (note that X=Y as well as X=Z is allowed):

50 XYYZ sequences
102 different words

(This is somewhat disappointing, as 102 is a small fraction of the total vocabulary.)

Two of the 50 sequences are of the form YYYZ or XYYY (“2oy 2coe 2coe 2coe” and “2coe 2coe 2coe 4oh1c89“) and so I remove “2coe” from further consideration as being ambiguously a vowel or a consonant or something else such as a number digit. This involves removing it wherever it appears in any of the 50 sequences.

Next I collect a list of all the different Y words (there are 31), and for each, a list of the X and Z words it appears with.

The hypothesis is that for each sequence, X and Z must code for vowels and Y for a consonant, or vice versa. (This holds for Latin, for example.)

At this point, the words can be categorised into two sets: Category 1 and Category 2. A Cat1 word cannot appear in the Cat2 list, and vice versa. The categorisation is done by first taking the the initial Y word, assigning it to Cat1, and assigning its XZ words to Cat2:

Y=4ohii89 (Cat1)    X/Z=4oh29 1sk9 e1c89 4ohco 82coe 1c9 4ohcc89 4okc9 (Cat2)

The next Y word is then examined:

Y=4ohii9 X/Z=4okc9 okc8(

Since 4okc9 has already been categorised as Cat2 in the first step, it follows that 4ohii9 is Cat1, and okc8( is Cat2.

This procedure continues for several iterations over all the Y and X/Z words until all have either been allocated to Cat1 or Cat2 or cannot be allocated to either (16 words). One word cannot be unambiguously assigned: 4ohcc9

The contents of the two categories are:

Category 1 (28 words)
4ohii89 oe 1oe 4ohcc9 4ohii9 2cae 4ohc9 kii9 1cae okc8aiN 4okc8( 1ii9 1c8ae 1ae yae 4oh89 8ae 1c8 4okay ohaiN e 1c89kcahaiN ohciiN kcc89 hco8( hae okaiiN okay

Category 2 (18 words)
4oh29 1sk9 e1c89 4ohco 82coe 1c9 4ohcc89 4okc9 okae ohii89 4oh1c9 1c89 ohcokcc9 4o okc8( 1oy ay 4okaiN

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