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Odd Distributions of “oy” and “ay”

August 23, 2012 6 comments
A few weeks ago I posted some images showing the positions of the 
gallows characters on each of the VMs folios.
(The blog post is here is you missed it: )

With a couple of small changes to the code, I have generated a set of 
images showing the positions of the "oy" and "ay" glyphs on each of the 
folios. (I believe the oy and ay are transcribed in EVA as ol and or, 
not sure.) This was prompted by the observations that
a) these glyph pairs often occur many times on a folio,
b) on some folios they don't appear at all
c) on some other folios only "ay" appears, on others only "oy"
d) often the "oy" glyphs appear to the left of each line, and the "ay" 
to the right, and sometimes vice-versa.

I wanted to link to a few example images from the set. The colour code 
is "oy" yellow and "ay" pink, with the coloured square indicating the 
position of the "o" or "a", a grey square indicating another glyph, and 
a black square a space.

1)  Examples of "oy"s at the left, and "ay"s at the right:

2) Example of the opposite: "ay"s at the left, "oy"s at the right:

3) Example of only "oy" on the folio:

4) Example of only "ay" on the folio:

5) Example of numerous "oy"s to only one "ay":

6) Example of an even mixture of both types, across the lines:

What might be going on here? Nick Pelling commented on my blog that GC, 
while working on the Voyn_101 transcription, got the impression that the 
change from dominant "oy" to dominant "ay" was a vocabulary change in 
the text (at least, that's what I understood from Nick's comment).

I'd welcome comments on this. Also, if you would like me to generate 
images for your favourite glyph's distribution, it's a trivial process - 
just let me know
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Drawing Lines on f15v

May 23, 2012 3 comments

From a repetition point of view, f15v is rather striking, as has been noted before.

Here is the transcription from:

poror orshy choiin dtchan opchordy -
  *chor or oro raiin cthy *ain dar -
  cthor daiin qokor okeor okaiin -
  doiin choky shol qoky qotchod -
  otchor chor chor ytchor cthys -
  qotchey choty kaiin otchy raiin -
  choy choiin sho * chy schy tor ol -
  s ytchor chor ol oiin oty shol daiin -
  otcholo cthol chol chol chody kan -
  sor chor cthoiin cthy qokaiin -
  soloiin cheor chol daiin cthy -
 daiin cthor chol chor =

The poor scribe’s cipher wheel seems to get stuck on EVA “or” on the first couple of lines and that letter pair continues to repeat throughout the paragraph, with the appearance later
of EVA “ol”, which becomes almost as prevalent.

From a geometric perspective, if you look at the Beinecke scan of the folio:

you can go slowly mad if you start drawing lines that link these “or” groups: the lines appear to be parallel and at an angle of about 45 degrees to the edges of the text.

Lines that link the "oy" groups in the text of f15v

Also, if you start drawing lines between features of the plant (tips, start of root segment, etc.) and the start and end glyphs of the text, you see features that line up.

Lines drawn between the text and the plant features on f15v

It’s a path to madness, I’m sure.

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