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Another T/O Map

September 24, 2010 1 comment

Close up of T/O Map

VMs T/O Map on f68v3

From the Digital Scriptorium Huntington Catalog Database, San Marino, Huntington Library, HM 64.

Also, note the similarity of the stars on this folio to those in the VMs.

HM 64, f17

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T/O Maps, the Moon and Carthage

March 27, 2010 4 comments

Consider the three T/O maps (thanks to Rich Santa Coloma for this suggestion), depicting the Earth (or World) in the VMs (on f67v2, the Rosettes, and f68v3). Looking at f67v2 there is a channel between the moon and one of the T/O map quadrants, labeled “ohay aeck oehaN”. The same quadrant is labelled “ohay” on the Rosettes. It makes sense that the Earth is shown like this on both folios – away and to the side – as these folios are dedicated to illustrations of the sun, moon etc. and (perhaps) paradise or the garden of earthly delights, respectively. Let’s come back to this later – specifically the significance of the label “ohay” with the Moon.

The T/O map on f68v3 can be compared with a map from 1472 , and it’s tempting to match “oko8oe” to “Africa” or “Cham”.

However, the Asia part of the map on f68v3 is labeled with a set of words, rather than a single word that might be “Asia” or “Sem”. So perhaps this is a list of prominent place names in Asia. Perhaps the labels on the Europa and Africa quadrants are also prominent place names? Here’s a contemporary map that shows Africa, Europa and Asia (from 1483):

In Africa, we see the city of Cartha (Carthage). Carthage is even more prominent in this map dating from 1110:

So, the conjecture for this T/O map on f68v3 is that it is showing prominent (or significant) place names in each continent, and that “oko8oe” = “cartago”. This fits nicely (of course) with the “ok-” = “ca-” prefix theory.