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Repeating Word Sequences

March 6, 2010 8 comments

There are a few multi word sequences that appear on more than one folio in the manuscript. Looking at those that occur on a single line of text and at least three times on different folios, the distribution is as follows:

(The repeating sequences on f57v do not appear, since they all occur on the same folio. There are 1006 two word sequences that appear on at least three folios.)

There no four or five or greater length sequences – why?

Why do the sequences often end with “am”?

Perhaps these three “word” sequences are dates?

Why are most of the sequences later on in the VMs? The earliest folio found is f16r, then f33r, f39v, f55v, f58r, f71r …

Now, loosening or simplifying the Voyn_101 transcription using the following table (top is the original character, bottom is the replacement):

Again, we infer that phrases of more than 3 words never repeat more than twice in the VMs:

Knox ran some comparison tests, using the EVA transcription, and found quite different results. These are available in detail here.

I am surprised at the difference in the transcriptions.

For the running text only, in EVA without respect for line wrapping.
I doubt any are wrapped but I'll check tomorrow and find the line descriptors.
Trying to match V-101 (in parenthesis). Might have missed one or more.
Only one trigram has "s" here. 

chedy qokeey qokeey   3 ()
chey qol chedy        4 (#12,3)
ol chedy qokain       3 ()
ol s aiin             4 (#3,4)
ol shedy qokedy       5 ()
ol shedy qokeey       3 ()
or aiin cheol         3 ()
or aiin okaiin        3 (#9,3)
or aiin ol            4 (#7,4)
or or aiin            3 (#11,3)
qokedy qokedy qokedy  3 ()
qol chedy qokain      3 ()
shedy qokedy qokeedy  3 ()*
shedy qokedy shedy    3 ()
sheedy qokedy chedy   3 ()

*Two of these:
ol shedy qokedy qokeedy

Colour by Numbers

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

There is an unmistakable “B” in one of gaps between the leaves in f39v.

Clearly it is an instruction to the guy with the paintpot to leave this area “B”lank.

A detail from f39v

(There is an interesting discussion of letters in plants over on Nick Pelling’s blog.)