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“ohay” … Oh, hai!

April 6, 2010 2 comments

Here is a collage of all the places where the label “ohay” appears.

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T/O Maps, the Moon and Carthage

March 27, 2010 4 comments

Consider the three T/O maps (thanks to Rich Santa Coloma for this suggestion), depicting the Earth (or World) in the VMs (on f67v2, the Rosettes, and f68v3). Looking at f67v2 there is a channel between the moon and one of the T/O map quadrants, labeled “ohay aeck oehaN”. The same quadrant is labelled “ohay” on the Rosettes. It makes sense that the Earth is shown like this on both folios – away and to the side – as these folios are dedicated to illustrations of the sun, moon etc. and (perhaps) paradise or the garden of earthly delights, respectively. Let’s come back to this later – specifically the significance of the label “ohay” with the Moon.

The T/O map on f68v3 can be compared with a map from 1472 , and it’s tempting to match “oko8oe” to “Africa” or “Cham”.

However, the Asia part of the map on f68v3 is labeled with a set of words, rather than a single word that might be “Asia” or “Sem”. So perhaps this is a list of prominent place names in Asia. Perhaps the labels on the Europa and Africa quadrants are also prominent place names? Here’s a contemporary map that shows Africa, Europa and Asia (from 1483):

In Africa, we see the city of Cartha (Carthage). Carthage is even more prominent in this map dating from 1110:

So, the conjecture for this T/O map on f68v3 is that it is showing prominent (or significant) place names in each continent, and that “oko8oe” = “cartago”. This fits nicely (of course) with the “ok-” = “ca-” prefix theory.