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f75r cures, pregnancy, life and death – Latin Plainchant

May 15, 2012 3 comments

Here is a result obtained using a Genetic Algorithm to match the text on f75r to Latin. The training corpus I used was a large file of Latin plainchant (the idea being that repeated “words” in the VMs show similarities to chant).

First, here is the folio with the translated words overlain in red:

Folio f75r decrypted as Latin plainchant

The genetic algorithm searched for a set of glyphs that each matched to a pair of Latin letters.

Most of the decrypted words are valid Latin and match words in the plaintext I used to train the GA. Some are Latin but do not appear in the plaintext. The other, invalid, words could be caused by errors in the pair matching.

Or the whole thing could well be nonsense! This is likely – I asked Joel Stevens to translate some of the Latin, and here is what he said:

On first inspection, it seems to be random non-sense. For example:
recita lugete vena dans veta ia debent lustrata lite

Would mean: Recite! Mourn! Blood-vessel giving. Forbid! Oh, they owe things that were purified by the lawsuit.

I’m not really sure how to make sense of it. I don’t see anything that stands out as an obvious sentence. Maybe some words are filler and need to be dropped… or maybe there is a hidden order that needs to be found (assuming these are the correct words).

Here is the Latin:

piraextita recita' lugete' idpirata lucrte vena'
dans' veta' ia' debent' lustrata' vanagete vamirata lite'
lugens' esnt levata' nuta' gens' veanta rochum' nogete le 
dato' uascie excita' curi gent na veta' le veta' luedicta 
veexti vata' arta' te' chum no' no' amicta' luedet luga' 
mori' edente' noga date' reri' lugens' feta' luedicta luga' 
morata' luaena uechum vana' lugete' ad' nt vana' luga'
pate vata' lugertta audita' lugens' vita' curata' resona'
lupina' feta' lumina' lugeum veon lugete' no' vana' lant 
aule lucrte ista' veta' lugens' vita' na ruri' mena' strata' 
luedicta lugens' nota' luedicta na lugent' reti' vena' date' vageas 
dedita' lugent' nota' veta' te' no' iret' veta' na no' vena' luga' 
morata' edicta' lumina' lumina' lumina' lumina' lugens' novena' 
lace' si' educta' lugens' na novena' lugens' vita' lugens' ruti' sita' 
lans' lugens' luuacinota lacium vana' pant' le vena' reista luga' 
aurata' lugete' verata nt ha' urgens' ad' revena lugens' vana'
morati' vemota curatita dant' bunt' id' ncnt vena' lugeas 
pant' vesata lunt vena' lunt ruchum este' late' nota' 
luaerata lunt veta' luga' veta' ulta' lugens' ti 
iu' veta' lute vata' stri sschum veta' lumicium 
clrechum vata' poma' le sebete no' te' ut' 
sati' veta' lugens' vana' le acta' gete vana' tute' 
mori' aeri' luedet lugent' deri lunt vana' lugeas 
lugens' no' edet' luuatita lans' vato te' no' 
lans' orta' luedicta id' na luedicta strata' tuas' 
dans' no' veno dans' no' luia' date' muta' 
gnsiurte duno' luca' alti' vena' resina' date' ruti' rurata na sunt' 
errata' morata' luedet pant' no' dace' veto' lunt nt amicta' luedicta strata' 
dans' fisi' na uachns no' recina lunt dans' novata' luedicta vana' lucrum' 
lu' dans' irquta lumita lugens' vaga' lugent' dans' vana' resino vena' reti' nodo' 
aurata' lumita vita' lugete' vena' vata' lumini' lumina' dant' na 
locuta' dant' vena' lugens' date' pena' vena' lugete' vena' usta' 
luedet nt vena' lunt vana' lugens' ferata rorata' dalias 
pr' nomina' resi date' ruta reti' ruti' no' gens' nomina' 
lugens' ambita' lugens' date' date' vena' lugens' nona' 
pant' mirata luedicta luncta' reti' ruti' date' date' na 
lumina' na ambita' lumina' luedicta lumiista nt 
lumirata luedicta lumina' lumina' lumirata usta' 
serata' luedicta lumirata noedicta ruri' ncusta 
date' vena' lugens' vena' dant' edicta' te' vena' 
paedicta luedicta rucina luga' na edicta' ma 
aurata' lumina' luedicta luiget luigicta date' 
serata' vagete nona' lugens' fiti ruti' nona' 
sprata lans' rerata lumina' rurata renona ruti' ruut nochns ha' date' na 
derata orta' lumita rerata lalint ruta rurata lumena rurata rechns 
lumita lumina' veno lumina' dans' vena' eg plnt vana' noti' 

Decryption of folio f75r using Letter Pair matching

October 5, 2010 8 comments

Folio f75r from the Voynich "Balneological" Folios

Letter Pair Mapping with Two Nulls

Following an idea from Knox, where Voynich words are constructed from codes that represent plaintext letter pairs.

First Result

These results are from a Genetic Algorithm that uses a Latin dictionary to match 188 of the 353 VMs words on f75r. This is an unusually good score compared with what I am used to. The table below shows the relationship between plaintext Latin and Voynich characters.

Voynich: oe    hc    4c    29    8(    e9    ek    e8    92    n    i9    i2    bo    yo    a    89    hi    e2    y    s9    2k    2a    y8    p    K9    eo    2    g2    2o    ha    a&    h9    iy    1H    ai    ea    (    c8    V    1c    am    18    ih    &9    so    ii    H    82    ho    ko    Öc    ka    9    aK    k9    op    N    1K    y9    ya    o4    an    4o    2H    Kc    g1    c1    h1    ay    sa    8    m    ae    8a    s8    e1    9k    1s    98    kc    y1    9h    e    ap    1i    h    io    Vc    4    ok    ki    c9    o8    g8    H9    po    s2    o9    28    oy    cK    cg    eh    Ö    81    c    ch    1    k1    cc    cm    o    oh    go    co    1a    cH    Hc    g    k    h2    ik    Hs    b    K    s    2i    1h    i    19    4H    i8    2c    aN    &
Plain:               er    us    ti    re    en    tu    in    is    it    um    or    at    nt    ri    te    co    ra    ta    es    li    di    io    on    an    ar    de    pe    st    am    ro    la    su    ci    ic    pr    ni    ur    to    ce    qu    em    ns    si    ul    nd    iu    le    cu    ca    ru    as    ec    ia    se    mi    al    et    ae    ne    im    ve    vi    ba    il    ab    lu    os    sc    na    ct    me    ma    tr    do    un    ac    ol    mo    id    el    no    ll    ex    ss    nu    ie    po    pi    ue    lo    du    ed    ib    mu    sa    eb    bi    ge    ui    om    pa    ig    rt    bu    nc    ut    fi    ud    fe    eo    ep    mp    gi    pu    be    cr    da    ua    so    oc    ir    au    sp    ad    ub    fa    ng    pl    vo    rr    ag    uc    uo

The following is the complete Latin for f75r. (Words followed by an apostrophe signify valid words from the Latin dictionary.)

lunielosas epulas' vestra' uslunias verura agri'
mais agas re' sagino' vedonias toristra tonias atra'
vestis' puno getoas eras' stis agncas enim' stra ge
maon palleo' elulas colo' stno ri agas ge agas veterrpr
agelos toas cras' ra im ubrras veteit vero'
ilnias vesori unim tori' vestra' pl' anno' tori' vero'
sira toas vestdias iubeas' vestis' suas' conias epudri
veluri alas' an' veri' vestmi agib vestra' tori' scno
iuge' verura quas' agas vestis' suas' ri pilo' mori' donias
veterras vestis' as veterras ri vestno epos' agri' mara' tostio
sabeas' vestno as agas ra exit' agas ri agri' vero'
ilnias terras' veri' veri' veri' veri' vestis' agri'
scla me' teumas vestis' ri agri' vestis' suas' vestis' pios' meas'
scis' vestis' vepaulas scct tori' sino' ge agri' epquas vero'
iunias vestra' agnias no' ut' pestis' pl' epagri vestis' tori'
ilnios agilas coniosas mano' lino' us' leno' agri' vestio'
sino' agduas veno' agri' veno' piim pura' scra as
vesonias veno' agas vero' agas ieas vestis' os'
et' agas vera' toas dolo' an' olim' agas vect
neepim toas vota' ge ingira anra ll
duos' agas vestis' tori' ge caas stra tori' aera'
illo' solo' veteit vestno salo veno' tori' vestio'
vestis' teit vepaosas scis' toon anra
scis' vias' veterras us' ri veterras donias aeio
mais ag mais vere' mara' amas'

edmepera es' veia deos' agri' epmeri mara' pios' pinias ri orno'
finias ilnias veteit sino' mala' agon' veno' no' ubrras veterras andonias
mais fame' ri an' pace' epulri veno' mais toas veterras tori' verumi'
ve mais exemas veas vestis' toro vestno mais tori' epme agri' epos' se'
iunias veas suas' vestra' agri' toas vena' veti mano' ri
mpcoas mano' agri' vestis' mara' acri' agri' vestra' agri' tuas'
veteit no' agri' veno' toti' vestis' alnias ennias maatio
ad' ri epme mara' pias epos' pios' stis ri
vestis' ubocas vestis' mara' mara' agri' vestis' ri
sino' nias veterras veleas epos' pios' mara' mara' ri
veri' ri ubocas veri' veterras vequas anno'
venias' veterras veri' veri' venias' tuas'
innias veterras venias' terras' pilo' letuas
mara' agri' vestis' agri' mano' terras' ra agri'
siterras veterras piulri vero' ri terras' ta
iunias veri' veterras veueit veuerras mara'
innias tostra ri vestis' faos pios' ri
rtnias scis' epnias veri' pinias epri pios' pill ce ut' mara' ri
sanias vias' veas epnias scatno pias pinias vemori pinias epce
veas veri' ag veri' mais agri' nt cuno tori' os'

Here is the English translation of the above text, using the Google engine:

lunielosas a banquet to your uslunias verura of the field
maïs the thing you are doing STUFF vedonias toristra black tones
you were a garment puno getoas stis agncas for GE P ^ or
Elul, I worship the Pallium Maon RI stno you are doing you are doing veterrpr GE
Toast the rationale of agelos to morrow I’m ubrras but refuses to allow
ilnias vesori unim your marriage-bed couch in the year but the PL
Sira Toast vestdias their gowns with thee to give orders cones epudri
veluri of the true or the wings of your marriage-bed vestmi agib scno
the continual verura which you are doing their gowns with a pestle to die the gifts of RI
Earliest Earliest RI as a garment vestno tostio marl in the epic poem of the field
Saber vestno cometh out of the rationale of you are doing as you are doing but the RI of the field
ilnias of the true lands of the true garment of the field of truth of the true
scla me teumas RI garment of the field their gowns with my pious clothing
do you know a garment vepaulas marriage-bed allows GE holy man of the field, however epquas
June and to the lambs made to your plague of bed clothing epagri pl
ilnios their active U.S. coniosas frame with linen thread, a pimp dress of the field
of the field allows agduas hunt hunt piim as a pure scra
vesonias hunt you are doing you are doing but the mouth of the garment ieas
Toast true, and do it from grief or a lever you are doing in times past
Toast neepim vows GE ingira anra ll
you are doing two marriage-bed clothing caas ge P ^ or the air bed
that alone it is vestno refuses to allow the surge of marriage-bed dress hunt
do you know a garment teit vepaosas toon anra
do you know the ways of Earliest Earliest RI U.S. aeio gifts
ag maïs maïs you love truly marl in

edmepera you are the gods of the field veia epmeri marl in the pious ornament of the pine RI
refuses to allow the end of ilnias allows evil games were held at not hunt ubrras Earliest andonias
maïs peace or hunger, RI epulri hunt maïs Toast Earliest marriage-bed verumi
maïs veas or produced an example of a garment on a couch bed vestno maïs epme epic poem of the field itself
June veas their Toast of the field a vein of your frame is forbidden to confer RI
mpcoas marl in the frame of the field a sharp dress of the field of the field your your
prohibits the hunt of the field not to the whole garment maatio alders in Ennis
RI epme to the marl in the epic poem, listen to her pious pious stis RI
ubocas garment garment garment marl in the marl in the RI of the field
nias allows Earliest let her cover her epic poem, the pious marl in marl in RI
RI of the true ubocas in the year of the true Earliest vequas
oh come oh come Earliest of truth of truth thy
Earliest rely on the hair and the lands of the bidding, joyfully oh come
marl in the garment of the field of the field frame the rationale of the lands of the field
Earliest siterras piulri RI But the lands of ta
June of the true Earliest veueit veuerras marl in
RI tostra rely on the garment the pious faos RI
do you know of the true rtnias epnias epri of the pine as the pious pill ce marl in RI
ways to the sound pious veas epnias scatno Pini Pini vemori epce
veas of the true ag nt of the field of the true maïs cuno the mouth of the marriage-bed

Second Result

214/353 words matched

Voynich: oe	hc	ii	K9	2H	ho	2o	e2	o8	89	ha	o	n	iy	4H	ko	ae	c9	&	i9	e9	g	h2	e1	kc	op	1h	82	c8	an	8a	9	p	g1	h	o4	i	eh	cc	hi	K	eo	y	cm	am	c1	ai	18	i8	a&	Hc	a	e	aN	ih	e8	ap	1i	y9	H9	19	4o	ya	1c	Öc	aK	oh	28	1	i2	io	b	2c	Vc	4	oy	1s	2k	k1	h9	ok	&9	8(	ka	s	h1	s8	cK	ek	bo	s9	s2	1H	y1	9k	g8	go	81	ki	1K	8	o9	98	ik	po	N	y8	sa	cg	c	92	ay	ch	2	k	1a	9h	so	H	m	Hs	Kc	yo	4c	2a	g2	Ö	2i	k9	29	cH	co	V	ea	(

Plain:   		er	us	ti	re	en	tu	in	is	it	um	or	at	nt	ri	te	co	ra	ta	es	li	di	io	on	an	ar	de	pe	st	am	ro	la	su	ci	ic	pr	ni	ur	to	ce	qu	em	ns	si	ul	nd	iu	le	cu	ca	ru	as	ec	ia	se	mi	al	et	ae	ne	im	ve	vi	ba	il	ab	lu	os	sc	na	ct	me	ma	tr	do	un	ac	ol	mo	id	el	no	ll	ex	ss	nu	ie	po	pi	ue	lo	du	ed	ib	mu	sa	eb	bi	ge	ui	om	pa	ig	rt	bu	nc	ut	fi	ud	fe	eo	ep	mp	gi	pu	be	cr	da	ua	so	oc	ir	au	sp	ad	ub	fa	ng	pl	vo	rr	ag	uc	uo

sspebeeoro aberro’ imitem plsspero imllem meis’

amor’ mero’ es’ lorras imiopero viisitem vipero irem’

imitor’ puas doviro auro’ itor meepro post’ item’ do’

amus nimium’ beerro tuco itas is’ mero’ do’ mero’ imtoleuo

mebeeo viro’ caro’ em st’ falero imtota immo’

suco’ tonaem mo amem’ abco imitor’ gero’ imtolero immo’

supero’ imdiis ibst viis’ imitem ne’ quas’ viis’ immo’

crem viro’ imitncro devoro’ imitor’ duro’ tupero aburis

imssis gero’ qu imis’ imitbu meae’ imitem viis’ utas

dedo’ imllem iuro’ mero’ imitor’ duro’ is’ idco onis’ iopero

imtolero imitor’ ro imtolero is’ imitas abeo’ meis’ amem’ viitla

lovoro imitas ro mero’ em alta’ mero’ is’ meis’ immo’

supero’ tolero’ imis’ imis’ imis’ imis’ imitor’ meis’

utat te’ toscro imitor’ is’ meis’ imitor’ duro’ imitor’ ideo’ tero’

utor’ imitor’ imnierro utua viis’ cras’ do’ meis’ abiuro’ immo’

depero imitem mepero as os’ enitor’ ne’ abmeis imitor’ viis’

supeeo mesuro tupeeoro amas’ spas pl’ reas meis’ imitla

cras’ meinro imas meis’ imas idst puem utem ro

imdipero imas mero’ immo’ mero’ maro’ imitor’ eo’

et’ mero’ imem viro’ ioco’ qu past’ mero’ imua

icabst viro’ ntue do’ ferrem’ quem’ mi’

ineo’ mero’ imitor’ viis’ do’ baro’ item’ viis’ veem

suco’ dico’ imtota imitas loco’ imas viis’ imitla

imitor’ tota’ imnieoro utor’ vius quem’

utor’ tiro’ imtolero pl’ is’ imtolero iopero vela’

amor’ me’ amor’ imes amem’ curo’

muteenem ac’ imng adeo’ meis’ abteis amem’ ideo’ idpero is’ pias

olpero supero’ imtota cras’ amat’ meus’ imas as falero imtolero quiopero

amor’ arte’ is’ qu nisi’ aberis imas amor’ viro’ imtolero viis’ imllbu

im amor’ aliaro imro imitor’ vimo imitas amor’ viis’ abte meis’ abeo’ an’

depero imro duro’ imitem meis’ viro’ imui imno amas’ is’

saturo’ amas’ meis’ imitor’ amem’ unis’ meis’ imitem meis’ sero’

imtota as meis’ imas vino’ imitor’ gepero popero amirla

ex’ is’ abte amem’ idro abeo’ ideo’ itor is’

imitor’ faigro imitor’ amem’ amem’ meis’ imitor’ is’

cras’ pero imtolero imrero abeo’ ideo’ amem’ amem’ is’

imis’ is’ faigro imis’ imtolero imiuro quas’

impero’ imtolero imis’ imis’ impero’ sero’

fepero imtolero impero’ tolero’ idco resero’

amem’ meis’ imitor’ meis’ amas’ tolero’ em meis’

crtolero imtolero ideris immo’ is’ tolero’ ue

depero imis’ imtolero imbita imbilero amem’

fepero viitem is’ imitor’ areo ideo’ is’

ebpero utor’ abpero imis’ idpero abis ideo’ idmi si’ os’ amem’ is’

lopero tiro’ imro abpero utiras idro idpero imonis idpero absi

imro imis’ me’ imis’ amor’ meis’ ru rias viis’ eo’

Google Latin translation:

LOSE ONE’S WAY sspebeeoro imitate the plsspero my imllem
the love of art with wine, a viper, lorras imiopero viisitem I should go
I imitate gold puas doviro itor after the meepro Also I give
Let us beerro tuco nor its matter too much with wine, I give it with wine, imtoleuo
the flesh of a man mebeeo trappings in exchange st em or rather imtota
I love it thunders with the juice of MO abco because I imitate or rather I bear imtolero
the Upper imdiis ibst imitate the ways of the ways of the nay, lest the
crema imitncro BEAR WITH PATIENCE I imitate her husband hard tupero aburis
imssis which I bear the bottom of my imitbu imitate the ways of the utas
imllem with wine, I swear to surrender to you because I imitate it hard idco iopero onis
imtolero because I imitate it in imitation of ro imtolero I left ’em that I love my viitla
lovoro imitation of their ro em high with wine, with wine, he or rather my
tolerate the lowest bottom of the upper bottom of the bottom because I imitate my
utat toscro you because I imitate it because I imitate my hard for that reason because I imitate Walter
to use because I imitate the ways of imnierro utua to morrow or rather I give my DENY BY OATH
lost to imitate the mepero as the mouth of the abmeis MAKE A GREAT EFFORT not to imitate the ways of
supeeo mesuro tupeeoro you love pl Spas charge my imitla
meinro the bottom of my tomorrow, the lowest idst puem Moreover the ro
imdipero with wine, or rather the bottom of the wine because I imitate him marum
imem and mere man as a joke with wine, which the past imua
icabst ntue her husband, whom I give, my bear
to enter the wine I give because I imitate the ways of the ways of Baron item veem
with the juice of the place, I say to imtota in imitation of the ways of the bottom of the imitla
I imitate the whole imnieoro to use the remarks which the
a raw recruit to use the PL imtolero it sails imtolero iopero
imes the love of me all love I love I do not care
muteenem imng so much so, and I love my Abtei for that reason he listen to her pious idpero
olpero the Upper imtota to morrow as he loves my the bottom of the trappings in exchange imtolero quiopero
the love of the art of which he will be absent unless the bottom of the ways the love of her husband imtolero imllbu
I’m the love of the other because I imitate imro vimo in imitation of the love of my ways, I left ’em or Abtei
imro goes when my hard imitate the man you love it imui imno
do you love when sufficiently fed with single I love because I imitate my my my imitate the late
imtota the bottom of my wine as I imitate gepero popero amirla
one of them disappeared in a puff idro Abtei I love it for that reason itor
I imitate faigro I love my love because I imitate it because I imitate
their steps to morrow I left ’em imtolero imrero I love it for that reason that I love
bottom of the bottom it faigro imtolero which imiuro
I command to the bottom imtolero too late, I command to the bottom
fepero imtolero idco UNLOCK command to tolerate
I love because I imitate my my my you love em tolerate
crtolero imtolero ideris tolerate it or rather electronic resource
lost to the bottom I love imtolero imbita imbilero
fepero viitem it for that reason it because I imitate BE DRY
ebpero to use the bottom of abpero idpero idmi do you go for that reason I love it if the mouth
a raw recruit to lopero imro abpero utiras idro idpero imonis idpero God forbid
imro me, the bottom the bottom the love of my ru him the ways of Azariah the

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